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Foundation Xperts has more than 25 years of combined experience repairing foundation problems. Foundation Xperts uses both the Push Piering and the Helical Foundation Systems to stabilize residential and commercial foundations. We can also assess the need for preventive waterproofing measures such as retaining walls and french drains. Depending upon the soils and condition of a structure’s foundation, Foundation Xperts will determine which system is best suited for the project.  In either case, our work is backed by a life of structure warranty against any future vertical settlement.

Our team of professional estimators will provide you with the most accurate assessment of the condition of your structure and the most efficient and cost effective repair solution. Call us today for a homeowner estimate, (919) 479-7100.

On the majority of foundation repair projects, sticking doors and stuck windows will once again work properly.  Cracks in walls will become repairable, and furniture will sit level again.

We Guarantee It!

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